Veka - {Germany}
  • All veka profiles are extruded in accordance to BIS 7413: 1991. Colour - Veka White. RAL 9016
  • The Main profiles are multi chambered , with a minimum of three chambers.
  • All the shutter profiles are provided with the ‘Eurogroove’, which is standard for all the profiles in Europe.
  • Any hardware which confirms to Eurogrove can fit in the profiles.
  • The central chamber , being for reinforcement , fully sealed when profiles are welded at joints.
  • Water drainage path is in a separate chamber & does not affect the integrity of the central chamber.
  • The function of the reinforcement is to give the product necessary strength in case of wind load (Static ),to fix the fittings and being prepared for all mechanical and environmental stress
  • All reinforcements are MS sheet hot dip zinc coated in compliance with BS 2989.
  • All glazing gaskets & weather strips for AURA are Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) and are confirm to BS 4355 part 1 & BS 7412: 1991
  • Outstanding Ozone resistance
  • Excellent Ability to resist atmospheric influences such as Uvradition, humidity, steam, heat etc.
  • Continuing elasticity in the range between -50 degree C to +120 degree C.
  • Gasket provided by AURA will be non Sulphernated i.e. it will not contain any sulper

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