Lift & Slide Door

It is widely used in top class building structures, such as bungalows or villas, luxurious or boutique hotela, premium quality condominiums and showrooms. This system is able to satisfy the most stringent requirement in terms of weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation thus providing the residents with the highest level of comfort and greatly enhences the inhabitant's living or working environment.

  • Main profile wall thickness of >3mm is fully complies with European standard, EN 12608 - class A
  • The profile is dimensionally stable and offer optimum stability thanks to special generously designed wall thickness, internal webs and steel     reinforcement. A maximum door size of 5000(W)x2600(H) can be built with this system.
  • Imported hardware tailored made for the lift and sliding door system allows for easy lifting of the doors sash and a smooth sliding operation.
  • Hardware isequipped with reliable locking device that can be built with dis system.
  • Unique four buffer seals further enhance weather tightness of this system.
  • By utilizing additional components to the hardware, lift and slide plus an additional tilt function for the sash is achievable.

Tilt & Slide Door

space-saving and space-efficient.
Sunshine and fresh air in hot weather you often wish you could open your living space with just a few turns of a handle. The Parallel Tilt and Slide door systems, allow you to do just that.
All of our parallel tilt and slide windows and doors offer space-saving designs, because the door sash opens parallel to the fixed unit, instead of opening inti the room, and their large sizes allow for plenty of light.


  • Alternative outer frame and sash available
  • Glazing beads available for different IG-Sizes
  • Ideal in both residential and commercial applications
  • Available in white, bones, clay, wood grain and colored finishes (laminated)
  • All main profile are steel reinforced

Sliding Folding Door

The AURA Fold and Slide door system provides superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectual style and space. The Door systems are engineered using high quality PVC-Window and Door Profiles and superior hinge and locking system that are reliable and secure.
The rollers, along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with door systems are available in a range of colors including white & ivory, wood grain laminates, such as mahogany, golden oak, Montana, mar core and a variety of other solid colors.

Alternative outer frame and sill size available

  • Threnative can be standard outer frames or low profile aiuminum thresholds to suit different installations, weather and security performance requirements
  • Alternative beads avail. in sloped or sculptured designs
  • Glazing beads avail. for diffrent IG-size 3/4

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