Special features
  • Colour Provision:
    • We can provide adequate colour options which are adjacent to normal human choice.
    • We can provide both COEX material as wel as FOIL material as per sheet attached.
  • Glass Provision:
    System Maximum Glass
    Can Accommodate
    AD 58 (Casement) 28-30 mm
    SL 58 (Sliding) 20 mm
    SL 73 (Sliding) 25 mm
    SL 90 (Sliding) 28 mm
    AD 70 (Casement) 40 mm
  • Mesh Provision:
    • Roll Down Mesh
    • Roll down insect mesh system is manufactured with spring loaded mechanism and woven with fiberglass mesh. The system is more economical that wooden shutters. It ensures clear visibility, better ventilation and is a space saving. The Roller mesh system is very easy to install and can be adapted to UPVc .
    • Mesh Shutter
    • It is nothing but a window shutter where we can use mesh in lieu of Glass .
    • There are more options in mesh shutter also:
    • Aluminum Mesh
    • S.S Mesh
    • Fiberglass mesh
  • Grill Provision:
    • There is a provision of fixing of grill for securuty purpose in AURA windows.
    • MS Grill With DUCO Paint
    • Aluminum Grill with powder coating
  • Blinds Provision
    • Double - glazed window with built - in venetian blinds create new possibilities for functional architecture,  effective office furnishing etc..and provide optimum contril of indoor clmate and working light. In addition , they  hav a long life and require no maintenance.
    • Large windows and glass section are strong architectural feature , creating light and friendly room in the building. But often they cause problems with controlling the indoor climate . The Hagen venetian Blinds system. easily solve these problem , as integrated blinds improve the insulating capacity of the double - glazing by up to 34 per cent. The improved shield factor reduce both the heat ray s on the sunny days as well as heat loss at night and in winter . The Advantage is double annimorove indoor climate and greate comfort for people working in the building along with an overall lower energy consumption for cooling / heating the premises.
    • Blinds are also in options:
    • Motor driven 
    • Manual control 

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